• Frequently Asked Questions

Is it an app? Or badge?

It’s two apps. One for sending notifications (Request Seat) and one for receiving notifications (Offer Seat).

Originally, ‘Babee on Board’ started out as a physical badge that pregnant women could wear along with a companion app (Offer Seat). Once the badge’s button was pressed, it sent a notification to smartphones within a 15 foot radius which meant commuters that opted-in were notified when a pregnant woman needed a seat, even if they were busy looking at their phones.

After 12 months of development and user testing, we managed to turn the hardware badge into the Request Seat app with no loss in functionality. This change significantly reduces the cost and enables pregnant women in 155 countries to download the app and discreetly ask for a seat.

Why are there two versions of the app? What is the difference?
  • The ‘Request seat’ app is for pregnant women, they press the app when they want a seat and this sends out a notification to anyone with the ‘Offer seat’ app, which says: “Heads up! There’s a pregnant person nearby who might need a seat”.
  • The ‘Offer seat’ app is for anyone who is happy to give up their seat, they will receive a notification when a pregnant person requests a seat.
Is this relevant for me if I’m not pregnant?

Yes, you can download the ‘Offer seat’ app for free, and show what a lovely person by giving up your seat to someone in need!

How is this better than a traditional paper Baby on Board badge?

We have found that nowadays, people are too busy looking at their phones to notice when someone is in need around them. A notification will alert them, and save awkwardness on both sides. Pregnant women can still wear the original badge for added visibility, if they want.

Is it useless if no one has downloaded the Offer Seat app?

We’re encouraging as many people to download the Offer Seat app as possible – obviously the more people that have it, the better. However, we’re also speaking to big brands to incorporate the tech into their existing apps people already have on their phones.

How much battery does it consume?

Thanks to the latest low energy bluetooth specification built into the iPhone, and the way we’ve built the app, Babee on Board has hardly any impact on your battery levels – less than 1% drain on your battery.

How much space does it take up on my phone?

It barely takes up any space, just 7.2mb.

Do I have to turn it on everytime I get on the tube?

Pregnant women using the ‘Request seat’ app, simply need to open the app and push the button to request a seat.

For the ‘Offer seat’ app, once it’s on your phone and you’ve accepted the all the permissions that come up, you’re all set. You will receive a push notification when someone nearby requests a seat, you don’t need to have the app open. Set it and forget it.

How do I use the Request Seat app?
  1. Download the app here
  2. Turn on bluetooth
  3. Give the app relevant permissions or otherwise it won’t work:
    • Enable: “Allow access to access your location even when not using the the app”
    • Enable: Notifications
  4. Need a seat on public transport? Press the button. If someone has the Request Seat app then they should hopefully give you a seat
How do I use the Offer Seat app?
  1. Download the app here
  2. Turn on bluetooth
  3. Give the app relevant permissions or otherwise it won’t work:
    • Enable: “Allow access to access your location even when not using the the app”
    • Enable: Notifications
  4. If a pregnant person presses the button in our Request Seat app and you’ve followed the above instructions and are sitting nearby, you should get a notification saying: “Heads up! There’s a pregnant person nearby who might need a seat”
Why does the app always need to track my location?

Like you, we hate apps knowing where we are at all times. It’s creepy and not cool. Unfortunately, Apple’s terms and conditions require all iBeacon services, like Babee on Board, to request ‘always on’ location, even when you’re not using the app.

There’s no way around this at present. However, Babee on Board only uses location data to monitor when a pregnant person is nearby and presses the button in the Request Seat app.  We don’t keep a log of where you go, and nothing is stored on our servers or on your phone.

If it helps, the team at 10x looked at our phones recently and realised there are several apps that we don’t mind giving ‘always on’ location. These include weather, maps, FourSquare, Uber and the Apple Photos app. Hopefully we’ve convinced you Babee on Board is another app worth granting location access.

Does it work without wifi / signal?

Both apps use bluetooth so don’t need an internet connection or signal and will therefore work underground. Just ensure you have bluetooth switched on. The good news is today’s Bluetooth doesn’t drain the battery like it used to. Plus as more people use wearables and Bluetooth headphones (iPhone 7!) it means more people will have Bluetooth on by default.

I’ve installed it but the app isn’t working – what’s wrong?
  1. Check you’ve allowed Babee on Board to always access your location: Settings/Privacy/Location Services/select Babee on Board/Allow Location Access: set to ‘Always’
  2. Switch bluetooth on
  3. Check you’ve enabled notifications for Babee on Board: Settings/Notifications/select Babee on Board/Allow Notifications: switch on all notifications
How much does it cost?
  1. The ‘Offer seat’ app is completely free and will always be free
  2. The ‘Request seat’ app for pregnant women is £3.99, but 100% of profits from the app will be donated to Project Healthy Children, which is widely regarded as one of the world’s most effective charities
I’ve got both apps on my phone and it’s not working?

On rare occasions some people who have both apps(i.e. Request Seat and Offer Seat) on the same phone have found it difficult to receive notifications. This is because the phone is trying to send and receive iBeacons at the same time. We recommend only having one app on your phone at one time.

Still have questions? Email us at info@babeeonboard.com